7 Best Bass Fishing Rod and Reel Combos of 2023

Last updated on April 12th, 2023

Leonard Friedrich

If you want to be a bass fishing pro, the initial move is having the suitable apparatus. The best way to ensure that your gear will be up for any challenge is by investing in a quality rod and reel combo specifically designed for bass fishing. To help you make an informed decision, we’ll review some of the best bass fishing rod and reel combos on the market. To help you find the most cost-effective and reliable combo for bass fishing, we’ll explore some of our top picks.

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Best Rod and Reel for Bass Fishing Quick Answer List

Disclaimer: All products in this article were independently researched and reviewed by our team of experienced anglers. We use so-called affiliate links in this article offered by program such as the amazon associates program. This means that if you click on one of the links provided in this article and end up making a purchase, we might earn a small commission at no extra cost for you. We only recommend products we’ve tested and believe in.

Introduction to Bass Fishing

Bass Fishing Rod and Reel Combos Review
Bass are a popular species to catch a on a fishing rod

Bass fishing is a popular recreational activity that involves catching fish of the family Centrarchidae, commonly known as black bass. In recent times, anglers have been drawn to this pursuit due to its stimulating and demanding character. Bass fishing offers a range of approaches, each with its own unique benefits and drawbacks.

What is Bass Fishing?

Bass fishing is an angling technique used for catching different species of black bass, such as largemouth and smallmouth bass. It requires specialized tackle, lures, and techniques in order to be successful. Many anglers prefer this type of sport because it provides a great opportunity for relaxation while also offering the challenge of trying to outwit these powerful predators.

Why is Bass Fishing Popular?

Landing a bass yourself is the ultimate reward for all the effort put into mastering this challenging and exciting sport. It’s an unforgettable experience that makes it worth every bit of knowledge acquired in order to outwit these powerful predators. There are plenty of opportunities across the country, from guided trips to renting equipment if needed, so don’t miss your chance to snag one.

Different Types Of Bass Fishing

There are three main types of bass fishing – spinning gear (also called light tackle), baitcasting (or medium tackle) and flyfishing (heavy tackle). Every type of bass fishing has its own particular advantages and drawbacks, depending on what sort of experience you’re after. Spinning gear is usually used by novice anglers since it’s easier to learn than baitcasting or flyfishing methods; however, experienced fishermen often opt for heavier gear when targeting bigger gamefish like trophy largemouths or giant striped ones. Baitcasting rods offer more control over your lure presentation but require practice before becoming proficient at using them correctly, making them better suited towards intermediate/advanced level fishers who want greater accuracy with their casts. Finally, flyfishing provides an entirely different experience altogether, allowing you to cast large flies from further distances while still having precision accuracy with every throw.

Bass fishing is a pastime that brings pleasure to fishermen of all abilities. By choosing the right rod and reel combo, you’ll ensure that your bass fishing experience is as enjoyable as possible.

Key Takeaway: Bass fishing is a rewarding and challenging activity that requires specialized tackle, lures, and techniques. It’s become increasingly popular in recent years due to its thrilling nature; anglers can get the ultimate reward by landing a bass themselves with spinning gear (light tackle), baitcasting (medium tackle) or flyfishing (heavy tackle).

Best Bass Fishing Rod and Reel Combo
Bass fishing rod and reel combos are a great way to enter the world of bass fishing

Best Bass Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

Having the right rod and reel combination is essential for successful bass fishing. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced angler, choosing the right setup is key for success. A bass fishing rod and reel combo ensures that your tackle is perfectly balanced as your rod and reel will match exactly. Particularly when you’re starting out or for intermediate fishermen and women, a fishing combo can make choosing the right tackle easier. Here are some top-notch gear options to help you reel in more catches:

Cadence Cc4 Spinning Combo Lightweight

Best Bass Fishing Rod and Reel Combos: Cadence CC4 Spinning Combo Lightweight
Cadence Cc4 Spinning Combo Lightweight

Specs: Comes in two sizes – 6’6″ and 7’0″ and 2000 and 3000 reel

Why we picked it: The Cadence Cc4 Spinning Combo Lightweight is a great choice for anglers who are looking for an affordable and lightweight spinning combo. It features a graphite composite rod blank that offers sensitivity, strength, and durability. The reel has a 6+1 bearing system with instant anti-reverse technology to ensure smooth operation. This combo also comes with stainless steel guides that are corrosion resistant and provide smooth line flow when casting or retrieving your lure.

Features: The Cadence Cc4 Spinning Combo Lightweight has several key features that make it stand out from other combos on the market today. First, its graphite composite construction makes it lightweight yet strong enough to handle larger fish like bass without breaking down over time due to wear and tear. The reel features an adjustable drag which worked well during our test, also under heavy pressure.


  • Modern and sleek look and feel
  • Drag system on the reel is highly adjustable and has almost no startup inertia
  • High quality components like stainless steel guide rings


  • Only two length and weight options to choose from. A shorter rod version would be nice if you’re planning on fishing tight quarters or small creeks

Kastking Centron

KastKing Centron Spinning Reel – Fishing Rod Combos
Kastking Centron

Specs: Rod lengths range from 6’0″ to 8″ and reels from 2000 to 5000.

Why we picked it: The Kastking Centron is our favorite when it comes to versatility. Not only can you choose from a wide range of rod lengths and reel weight classes but this combo offers an incredibly smooth and reliable performance that will help you catch more fish. It features a lightweight graphite frame, corrosion-resistant stainless steel bearings, and an ergonomic handle design that makes it comfortable to use.

If you want a good allrounder bass fishing rod and reel combo, go for the smaller sizes like the 6’0″ or the 6’6″ since they feature the split handle design (popular in ultra light fishing rods) which gives you a lot of sensitivity when bass fishing.

If you’re looking for a rod and reel to catch bass with but want to use for pike fishing as well, make sure to take a look at the heavier rod and reel options, such as the 7’0″ or even the 7’6″. These versions have the backbone to handle even large species such as walleye, pike or musky.


  • Wide range of length and weight options
  • Well balanced set with a quality reel


  • Reel seat is made from hard plastic and could and could use an upgrade
  • The foam of the handles is not on the level of the Bass One or Abu Garcia

Ugly Stik Gx2 Spinning

Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combo
Ugly Stik Gx2 Spinning

Specs: Available in lengths ranging from 6’0″ to 7’0″ – wide variety of reel sizes and available as 1, 2, 3 and 4 pcs rods.

Why we picked it: The Ugly Stik Gx2 Spinning is a great choice for any angler looking to get into bass fishing with a spinning rod and reel combo. This combo offers an incredibly lightweight design, making it easy to transport and use on the water. The rod itself is made of graphite and fiberglass construction, giving it strength without adding extra weight. It also features a foam handle that provides comfort while casting or retrieving lures.

The reel 3+1 ball bearings to ensure smooth operation. Being made from aluminum, the reel of the Ugly Stik Gx2 Spinning is also ready for light saltwater use if you’re hunting bass in estuaries (always make sure to rinse your gear after saltwater exposure!).


  • Huge range of rod lengths and reel sizes to choose from, as well as 1 – 4 pcs options
  • The reel of this combo works very nicely and retrieving your lure is a bliss with its smooth operation


  • A few short stick options would be the icing on the cake for this combo

One Bass Spirit Flame Fishing Rod Reel Combo

One Bass Spirit Flame Fishing Rod Reel Combo
One Bass Spirit Flame

Specs: Various colors and lengths available. Material: Carbon fiber. Technique: Bait casting.

Why we picked it: The One Bass Spirit Flame is an excellent choice for anglers of all levels. It offers a great combination of features and performance that make it ideal for bass fishing. This combo comes with a fast action rod, graphite reel seat, and lightweight aluminum spool. The rod has been designed to be durable yet lightweight, making it easy to maneuver in tight spots or when casting long distances.

The reel is equipped with 5+1 stainless steel ball bearings and one instant anti-reverse bearing for smooth operation and improved casting accuracy. The One Bass Spirit Flame also includes a large arbor spool design which allows you to quickly retrieve line without having to wind up the handle too much. Additionally, the drag system provides plenty of stopping power so you can land bigger fish with ease.

I have found the EVA foam handles to provide comfort as well as providing better grip in wet conditions or when wearing gloves during cold weather fishing trips. If you’re a purist who prefers a traditional cork grip, the One Bass Spirit Flame is not for you.


  • Durable yet lightweight construction
  • Large arbor spool design for quick retrieval
  • Smooth operation due to 5+1 stainless steel ball bearings plus one instant anti-reverse bearing
  • Drag system provides plenty of stopping power
  • EVA foam handles provide comfort and better grip in wet conditions


  • Not suitable for saltwater use
  • The EVA foam grip is not for (cork) traditionalists

My verdict: Overall, the One Bass Fishing Rod Reel Combo is an excellent choice for any angler looking for quality gear at an affordable price point. Its combination of features makes it perfect for both beginner and experienced bass fishermen alike who want reliable performance on their next outing!

Abu Garcia Blue Max Baitcast Reel and Fishing Rod Combo

Best Bass Fishing Rod and Reel: Abu Garcia Blue Max Low Profile Baitcast Reel and Fishing Rod Combo, 7'
Abu Garcia Blue Max

Specs: 7 ft rod,

Why we picked it: The Abu Garcia Blue Max is another quality option if you’re looking for a baitcasting rod and reel combo for bass fishing. It features a lightweight graphite rod and a baitcasting reel made from aluminum. During our test I found the Abu Garcia Blue Max to be pleasingly lightweight, resulting in no fatigue even after an entire day of casting and bass fishing.

The reel also has an adjustable magnetic cast control system that allows you to adjust the casting distance according to your needs. This combo comes with 6+1 ball bearings which provide smooth operation and long-lasting performance and a solid drag system.

Additionally, this rod is designed with stainless steel guides which are corrosion resistant so they won’t rust or corrode over time.


  • Lightweight graphite frame provides strength without compromising on portability
  • Magnetic cast control system allows you to adjust the casting distance according to your needs
  • 6+1 ball bearings ensure smooth operation for longer periods of time
  • Stainless steel guides are corrosion resistant so they won’t rust or corrode over time


  • Like the One Bass, the Abu Garcia comes with EVA foam grips. Personally I like the grippiness, particularly when wet.

My verdict: The Abu Garcia Blue Max is another solid option if you’re looking for a baitcasting rod and reel option for bass fishing. The light blue is a nice modern style.

Quantum Invade Baitcast Reel and Fishing Rod Combo

Quantum Invade Baitcast Reel and Fishing Rod Combo
Quantum Invade Baitcast

Specs: 1 piece and 2 piece options. 6’6″ length. Made from high quality IM6 graphite. Split handle design.

Why we picked it: The Quantum Invade Baitcast is a great choice for anglers looking to get the most out of their bass fishing experience. This combo features a 6’6″, one-piece rod made from IM6 graphite with stainless steel guides. A one piece rod has the advantage of that extra bit of punch compared to a multi piece rod. If you have a place to store it in your garage, house or boat, this bass fishing rod and combo is a nice option if you’re into a baitcasting setup. (There’s also an option with a two piece rod)

The reel itself is constructed from lightweight aluminum and has an adjustable drag system that can apply up to 15 lbs of max drag which is plenty enough if you’re after bass (it could be on the lower end if you were chasing big striped bass in estuaries). Besides its quality performance metrics during our test, I have to say, the nicest feature of this rod and reel combo for bass fishing, is the fact that it comes with a 5 year warranty.

Its spool capacity can hold up to 110 yards of 10lb test monofilament line so you’ll have plenty of room for your favorite lure or bait selection without having to worry about running out too quickly during a long day on the water.


  • Fantastic 5 year warranty for peace of mind
  • Quick line pickup thanks to the oversized handle knobs


  • A few more lengths options for this bass fishing combo would be neat

Tailored Tackle Baitcasting Combo

Tailored Tackle Fishing Rods Reels Multispecies Spinning Combo
Tailored Tackle Baitcasting Combo

Specs: Comes as left and right hand version and a multi species and surfcasting version. Bass fishing rod and reel includes a 7′ rod and baitcasting reel.

Why we picked it: The Tailored Tackle Baitcasting Combo is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a more individualistic setup. Tailored tackle has gained many fans in the bass fishing community in recent years for offering high quality products that feature a modern simplistic design but don’t compromise on quality and craftsmanship. I like their all black design on this bass fishing combo.

The Tailored Tackle Baitcasting Combo is a good choice if you want to give baitcasting a try. The set features a baitcasting reel with an adjustable drag (with 17.5lbs of max drag!) that allows you to pick up line quickly thanks to its large handle design. The medium heavy rod is quite forgiving and we found it provide good accuracy during our test.


  • Very modern and sleek rod and reel design
  • Very powerful drag system with high max drag capacity


  • A few more lengths options would be a nice add-on for this combo

Pros and Cons of Using a Rod and Reel Combo for Bass Fishing

Advantages of Using a Rod and Reel Combo for Bass Fishing

A rod and reel combo is an ideal choice for bass fishing due to its convenience. It eliminates the need to buy two separate items, which can save time and money. With a rod and reel combo, you’ll have everything you need in one package—a perfect match made in heaven. A rod and reel combo takes away the difficulty of having to select each part individually, making it an ideal option for those just beginning with bass fishing or who want a cost-effective way to upgrade their equipment. This is especially beneficial if you’re just getting started with bass fishing or are looking for an easy way to upgrade your gear without breaking the bank.

The versatility of a rod and reel combo also makes it great for bass fishing. You can use it in different water conditions depending on your preferences; whether that be shallow or deep waters, slow-moving rivers or fast-paced streams. The range of sizes available means there will always be something suitable for any type of angler—from beginner to expert level fishermen alike. Lastly, many combos come with extra features such as line counter reels that make them even more valuable when targeting larger fish species like largemouths or smallmouths.

Disadvantages of Using a Rod and Reel Combo for Bass Fishing:

Lastly but certainly not least, cost wise these combos often aren’t much cheaper than buying components individually so that should definitely factor into consideration before making any purchases.

Before committing to a rod and reel combo for bass fishing, it is wise to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of such an option. To ensure you choose the best rod and reel combo for your needs, consider factors such as skill level, action type, and weight of the gear.

Key Takeaway: A rod and reel combo is a great choice for bass fishing, offering convenience and versatility at an affordable price. With the right setup, you can have everything you need to land your next trophy-sized catch without breaking the bank.

Best Rod and Reel for Bass Fishing
A quality bass fishing rod and reel combos can increase your chances of success

Tips for Choosing the Right Rod and Reel Combo for Your Needs

When selecting a rod and reel combo for bass fishing, it is important to evaluate your own proficiency level. To begin with, it is important to take into account your own proficiency when selecting the ideal rod and reel combination for bass fishing. Are you an experienced angler or just starting out? This will determine what type of rod and reel combo is best suited for you. If you’re a novice fisherman, look for something lightweight with a slow action that won’t be too difficult to control. For more experienced fishermen, look for combos that offer increased power and speed.

The second factor in selecting the perfect rod and reel combo is the action of the rods themselves. Action refers to how quickly the tip of the rod moves when pressure is applied; fast action rods move quicker than slow action rods do when under tension from a fish on line. Fast actions are great if you’re looking for maximum casting distance but can make it harder to detect subtle bites from bass as they don’t flex as much as slower actions do – so choose accordingly.

Finally, take into account the weight of both components: The heavier they are, generally speaking,the more powerful they will be – however this may not always be desirable depending on your individual needs (especially if long days on the water await.). Lighter combos are easier to handle but lack some power compared with their heavier counterparts – so try before buying where possible.

In conclusion, finding your ideal rod and reel combo requires careful consideration of several factors such as skill level, action type, and weight. With these tips in mind though, you should have no trouble landing yourself one big catch after another.

Key Takeaway: Choosing the right rod and reel combo for bass fishing is all about finding a balance between skill level, action type, and weight. As an experienced angler you’ll want to pick something with enough power and speed to get your casts out there further but also be able to feel those subtle bites. Consider these factors carefully so that you can hook yourself some trophy catches.


Bass fishing is a great way to de-stress and savor the outdoors. To ensure an optimal experience, selecting the correct rod and reel combo is essential. We’ve reviewed some of the best bass fishing rod and reel combos available on the market today so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you. Consider all of your options carefully before making a purchase – with any luck, it’ll lead to many successful days out on the water.

If you are an avid bass fisherman, then look no further than 4everfishing for the best rod and reel to get your next big catch. With our extensive selection of tackle, lures, and techniques; we have all the tools needed to make your fishing experience unforgettable.

FAQs in Relation to Best Bass Fishing Rod and Reel

What type of rod is best for bass fishing?

The best type of rod for bass fishing is a medium to heavy power, fast action spinning rod. This type of rod will provide the angler with enough backbone to cast heavier lures and fight larger fish while still allowing them to feel subtle bites from smaller bass. Choose a rod length that is suitable for the size of bass you are targeting and the water body in which you will be fishing. Additionally, make sure that your line rating matches or exceeds the recommended test weight for your chosen lure so that you can accurately present it to wary bass.

What size rod and reel is best for bass fishing?

The best rod and reel for bass fishing depends on the type of fish you’re targeting, as well as your own personal preferences. Generally speaking, a medium-heavy action rod with an 8 to 10 foot length is ideal. A baitcasting reel that has a gear ratio between 6:1 and 7:1 works best for retrieving lures quickly from deep water. For those looking to target bigger bass in deeper waters, a heavy action rod with a longer length can help increase casting distance and accuracy when paired with the right line weight. Ultimately, it’s important to choose tackle that fits your needs so you can make sure every cast counts.

What rods do pro bass fishermen use?

Anglers who fish for bass may use various types of rods, contingent on the style of angling they are doing. Spinning rods and baitcasting rods are popular choices, with spinning rods typically being lighter in weight and easier to handle. For crankbaiting, flipping or pitching techniques, medium-heavy action casting or spinning rod is often used. Some pro anglers also prefer longer length rods for more accurate casts and better hook sets when fishing deep water areas. All these factors depend on the technique being employed by the fisherman as well as their personal preference in terms of rod strength and sensitivity.

How do I choose a bass rod and reel?

Choosing a bass rod and reel can be an intimidating task for any angler. When selecting the ideal gear, one must consider the kind of angling they’ll be doing, their financial plan and ability level. For example, if you are targeting large fish in deep water then a heavy action rod with a low gear ratio reel would work best. If you plan on using lures or live bait then a medium action rod with a high gear ratio reel may be better suited for casting accuracy and line control. Additionally, it’s important to select quality components that will last through multiple trips out on the water so don’t skimp on price too much when shopping around.

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